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A total system solution for schools of all types
and membership organizations.

Improve Efficiency & Communication... Streamline Education... Reduce Overhead & Staff...

Every school/organization, no matter how small, can afford the Fotismos™ System:

For Example:

  • 300 Students/Members = $3.67/month = $44.00/year/per student
  • 500 Students/Members = $3.00/month = $36.00/year/per student

* $5,000 one-time implementation/installation fee.

Read what Fotismos™ can do for you!

  • Instant student/member registration
  • Automated billing/recurring billing
  • Complete sales’ tracking system
  • Instant customer data access
  • No manual inputting of payments/data
  • Automated accounting reports
  • Put your courses online, securely
  • Automated testing/scoring protocol
  • Student management/grading data
  • Automated grading system
  • Integrated grade reports & transcripts
  • Online support protocol
  • Secure ordering
  • Document security (DRM)
  • Secure access control
  • Printing control
  • Encrypted data
  • DRM reporting

Fotismos handles online Ecommerce seamlessly...

Our online Ecommerce technology makes your sales and interface seamless and instant with a remarkable tracking and information system that keeps your sales organized and you "financially" informed at all times.

Create “instant” sales with on-the-spot member/student registration and credit-card processing.

Create payment plans with auto- and recurring billing that makes it easy to track and manage your students/members.

Improve efficiency and reduce staff.

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Fotismos interactive educational system benefits your school/organization and your students/members...

(Choose the Protocol That Best Suits Your Needs.)

Put your online training and certification programs online with quizzes and tests scored instantly, along with a completely automated essay management system.

Integrated, automated online grading system, along with transcripts, report cards and documents reduce overhead and improve efficiency and communication, and reduces staff.

Fotismos has taken online education to the next level, offering a complete "branded" solution allows students/members to register and pay online instantly, without ever seeming to leave your website.

Couple this with Fotismos' flawless Ecommerce solution for a seamless administrative experience.

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Put your documents/courses/programs online, securely, without fear of "pirating"...

With Fotismos, you can put your documents/courses/programs online without fear that they will be emailed, shared, or downloaded by more than one computer.

You even control the printing options! It's called DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT.

Fotismos software gives your school and/or professional organization the ability to put your documents/courses/programs online, securely to reach prospective students and members, nationally and/or worldwide, without fear of pirating.

Also includes credit-card encryption.

Exercise complete control over your documents and copyrighted materials!

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